Recruitment Agencies: How They Find The Perfect Candidate For Your Company?

Recruitment agencies are a vital part of any successful business. They provide an extra level of support for companies, one that they may not be able to use internally. This article will discuss what recruitment agencies do and the cost of hiring a recruitment agency.

Functions of recruitment agencies

  • Finding candidates for the company

The main purpose of a recruitment agency is to find candidates for the company. They often do this by advertising their openings or by networking with other industries that have similar job requirements as your company. Recruitment agencies can help you create an excellent candidate pool in a shorter period of time than it would take if you were doing it on your own.

  • Screening potential employees

 As well as finding great talent, recruitment agencies are also able to screen them before they make any offers. This means that companies don’t need to worry about hiring someone who doesn’t meet their expectations and wasting valuable resources on someone who might not work out after all.

  • Providing administrative support

One thing that many people may overlook when looking at employment services is the administrative support that recruitment agencies can provide. They are able to handle payroll, scheduling interviews, and benefits administration with ease.

  • Helping the company grow

Recruitment agencies also have a hand in helping companies compete by finding new markets for them or expanding current service offerings.

Costs of using recruitment agencies

Recruitment agency fees vary wildly depending on what they do for you as well as how long they will be working with your company so it is important to get an estimate before hiring one. For example, if the recruitment agency’s sole responsibility was screening candidates who applied directly through their website then there would likely be no fee at all but hiring someone full-time could cost up to £2000 per month.

It makes sense though because the company would be getting a dedicated resource who can offer all the benefits of the recruitment agency without any administrative hassles. The job agency Malaysia fees can range from RM465 for a one-day project to RM17, 500 per month.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a recruitment agency to help with finding your next perfect candidate then it is well worth considering what they can and cannot do. Be sure that there is an agreement in place about the fees before hiring them because this will make life much easier.

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