The Best Online Commercial Supply Shop

Are you a commercial contractor? Are you redesigning your office space and looking to cut costs? Many commercial supply companies only carry specific materials designated for each section of a building. For example, a flooring company offers a variety of flooring supplies including tile, panelling, and subflooring. When you are renovating your office, you will have to go to the flooring company for flooring materials, an office supply shop for furniture, and yet another supply shop for suspended ceilings. It is much easier when you can buy all the supplies at one simple location. The best commercial supply shops will offer everything you need to revamp your office space.

Online Ordering

Where is your office located? How far is the nearest commercial supply shop? The best commercial supply shop will offer online ordering. You can log onto their website, search through the commercial building materials, and order the products you need. The cost will include delivery fees and taxes. You do not have to waste your time renting a truck and manually moving the supplies from a physical location to your office location. Online ordering is convenient. The best supply company will also offer around-the-clock customer service to assist you during the ordering process.

Customer Service

An online commercial supply shop must have exemplary customer service. Like an in-person physical location, they will answer your calls professionally. The best online shops offer a live chat option. You can ask questions, for advice, and discuss the materials listed on the website. You will be directed to a live person rather than a bot.

Clear Descriptions

Have you ever gone online shopping for products and goods, only to receive an order that is not what you expected? The best online supply shops will include clear descriptions of each product. For example, safety flooring will not just include dimensions in its description, but also

  • Life expectancy
  • PTV
  • Areas best suited for
  • Compatible features
  • Package type
  • Colour options
  • Bulk discounts

A product description will not oversell the product but simply tell you exactly what to expect from the material.

Delivery and Installation

The best commercial supply shop will offer different delivery options for small and large orders. They will provide options to expedite delivery. Generally, installation is not included. Some supply shops may offer installation services for a fee. You will want to communicate with the supply shop that you require installation before placing your order. It may delay delivery time. You should also tell the supply shop if your delivery location has restricted access such as weight-restricted bridges, narrow lanes, time-restricted zones, and access barriers such as gates.

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