What Makes an Effective Business Directory Description

Trying to find ways to describe your business on a local directory? You must remember that every directory is different, so there is no one size fits all formula on how to describe what your company does. Some directories allow you to use additional fields for information such as your location and amenities while others do not. Here are some points to consider when writing an effective description.

Look to Inform, Not Impress

Your main priority as a business owner is to inform the reader about your product and how to get in touch with your company, it is not about impressing them.

When you create your profile for an Australia directory, your description should include all the details a customer needs to contact you.  Make sure your profile covers all the details first before aligning it with your tone or brand. The profile should include this type of information:

  • Official website
  • Contact details
  • Social media links
  • Business address

This gives the customer a varying of ways to get in touch or visit your business.

Keep it Coherent

Make sure your business profile is kept simple and coherent. You do not want the customer to get confused about the products or services you provide. In a few sentences, they should know actually what you are selling and how to get in touch with you. After they have read your profile, make sure the other details are concise and to the point.

Do Not Just Copy & Paste

It is important to adjust your profile for the type of directory you are listed on. Forget about copying and pasting from one to the other, take some time to customise your profile to fit each narrative. Pay attention to nice directories and think about your target market when writing an effective business directory description.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

When writing a business directory profile, it is important to keep your target audience in mind. Think about how you might change your mindset from one platform to the next. Your profile on a business directory will be a little more straightforward compared to your social media accounts.

When writing your business director description, make sure you keep it simple and to the point. The length of the description will vary depending on the directory you are using. When describing what your company does, try not to go over 250 words. Remember to include all relevant details such as your business name, category, and contact details.

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