How to Unblock a Drain

Nobody likes a clogged drain. Not only is it inconvenient, but it can also be a mess and a health hazard. If your drains are clogged, don’t panic! We’ll cover everything from basic preventative measures to industrial-strength solutions for the toughest of clogs. So read on and learn how to unclog your drains once and for all!

Cheque the Trap

The first thing you should do if you think your drain is clogged is to check the trap. The trap is the U-shaped part of the drain that holds water and keeps sewer gases from coming up into your home. If the water in the trap has evaporated, it can allow sewer gases to escape, which can be dangerous.

To check the trap, remove the drain cover and look inside. If you don’t see any water, try running some water from a faucet into the drain to see if that clears it. If the trap is full of water, then you know that isn’t the problem.

Use a Plunger

If the trap isn’t the issue, then it’s time to move on to more serious solutions. One option is to use a plunger. Plungers are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, and they can be very effective at clearing clogs.

To use a plunger, simply put the cup over the drain and push and pull the handle up and down. The suction from the plunger will create a vacuum that can break up the clog and clear the drain.

Wire Coat Hanger

If you don’t have a plunger, you can try using a wire coat hanger. Straighten out the hanger and bend one end into a small hook. Then, carefully insert the hanger into the drain and see if you can snag the clog. If you’re able to grab onto it, pull it out and dispose of it properly.

Chemical Drain Cleaner

If your drain is still clogged after you have checked the trap and used a plunger or wire coat hanger, an industrial drain unblocker may be the next best option. Industrial unblockers are powerful chemicals that can dissolve hair, grease, and other common clogging issues.

This type of drain cleaner should be used with caution as it can damage your pipes if used improperly. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and always flush the drain with plenty of water afterwards to remove any residue.


Blocked drains can be a hassle, but they don’t have to be expensive to fix. Try these tips at home and see how easy it is to unblock your own drain without spending a lot of money.

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