Reviewing the Best Link Building Practices!

No matter the niche, link building is important for every website’s SEO goals. It is among the cost-effective means of promoting a website, and the results are always amazing, because you get genuine referral traffic. What exactly is link building? Simply put, link building is about acquiring links from other sites, specifically niche & authority sites, to a website, with the sole intention of getting referral traffic and improve rankings.

For a while, some critics argued that link building is dead, which is not true. Also, the purpose and practice of link building extends beyond that. Today, you have some amazing backlink tools, such as, which promise to change the approach to link building by focusing on real aspects that matter.

In this post, we are discussing further on the best link building practices that exist.

  1. Awesome content, always. There is nothing like good content for SEO. If your link is placed strategically in good content that means something for the readers of that website, you are likely to get referral traffic easily. You want people to click that link and go to your website, and that only happens when a user is engaged and engrossed in the content. This also ensures that promoting such contents is easier.
  1. Relevance matters. When it comes to link building, you have to consider where and how the anchor text is placed. Search engines love content where the links and keywords have been placed in a way that it makes sense to the sentence and paragraph. In other words, your link keyword shouldn’t stick out of the content. For example, you cannot write on sports equipment and include a link on carpet cleaning service in the content.
  1. Limited links. How many links can you add to one content? Well, ideally, not more than one. Keep in mind that adding too many links, unless you are selling through affiliate marketing, may make the content look like spam, and that can make your content unacceptable, even for websites where you intend to publish them. For longer contents, you can still go with a few links, but limit the links and try to have organically in the content, somewhere on the top part of the post.

  1. Guest blogging helps. Websites that have a steady flow of traffic are your best picks for link building. You can do free guest blogging for them, and commenting on their posts organically also helps in getting attention of people. Should you add links to a blog’s comment? While you can definitely do that, it doesn’t do much as far as SEO and link building is concerned. However, it does get your comment noticed, and some users are likely to visit your website.
  1. Build relationships. When it comes to guest blogging and working with niche and authority sites, you need to collaborate and ensure that link building is done is done in an organic way. Try and foster relationships with these websites, so that you can always get help for publishing content. Also, featuring on such websites gains exposure, even when you are placing just one link in a big content.

Using backlink software

Your link building strategy must be absolute and defined, and while there are varied ways to do that, you can consider using a backlink software. This kind of software allows you to plan the link building strategy and process in an organic way, and you can expect to gain genuinely from the tools on offer. Just make sure that you check the features of the software, what it can do for your business, and don’t shy away from taking a demo.

The future of link building

Businesses will have to adapt their link building strategy to SEO changes and search engine algorithms. There are no strict rules here, but certain dos and don’ts of link building must be considered. If you are unsure of how to use a backlink software, figure out how you are approaching SEO at the moment, and you can find the gaps in your link building strategy. Such software comes in handy for identifying many details, like which anchor text you need to use, which link to build next, and matching with top ranked pages. You can also consider seeking help for your guest posting needs.

Final word

If you want SEO to work for your website, there is no way you can skip the relevance and use of link building. Just make sure that you are doing it right, and use the right software to simplify things.

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