Website Design Fonts: What are the Best Fonts for Your Web Page?

Fonts are considered intellectual property by many people. Fonts can be freely distributed without respecting the rights of the font’s author. This could lead to problems. You can see that every computer has a different font collection because different fonts are installed with different software.

This truth has led web designers for years to use images to create unique headings on their pages. Nearly all the text on the page is styled using standard fonts that are installed on all computers. Arial, Georgia, and Times New Roman are some of the most common fonts found on computers. Styling rules often include a backup definition of “sans serif” or “serif” depending upon the design. This is a way to tell the computer to use the basic font it has installed. Many web pages look the same. This was true even up until recently.

All Fonts available

Is this possible? Are there universally readable fonts? There is. These are the places to show you how to use them in your web design.

Google is back! You are correct; the Google community can be a great resource for finding the best fonts for a website. Why? Because virtually everyone will see the same fonts regardless of what fonts are installed on their computers if they use the described method.

You will first need to take your browser to Google fonts to browse the available open-source fonts. Once you have found the right font for your design, you can then download Zetta sans and install it on your computer. You will be able to see them. You can also incorporate fonts into graphics with text.

Next, you need to set the font so that it appears as text on the page. You can choose from Google web fonts to place it in the list at the bottom of the page. The use button is located to the right of the blue section. You can click it, and then scroll down to see the use button. After you have placed the link tag on your page, you will be able to assign this font to any part of your entire website.

The conclusion

In conclusion, the best font for a website is one that renders consistently on all the machines that view it. Google’s font site has a variety of fonts to choose from, regardless of whether your design requires one or the other fonts. The choice of the right font is up to you.

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